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Symbolic Value

Violet is cleansing, strengthening, awaking, stimulating to emotions, power – the color of the king, dignity, honor, inspiration, spirituality, artistry and peace. Violet was an imperial color in ancient Rome. The Greek priests at Eleusis wore violent robes, showing just how long spiritual qualities have been associated with violet. Violet flowers were used in ancient festivals because people believed that they would protect them from headaches and drunkenness.

Passi lenti
con gambe infinite
giù da Montmartre
strade che piegano a ovest
domani nevica
e il cielo è un idea
40 x 50 cm, Acrylics

Emotional and Psychological
Areas Effected

Intuition, change and transformation, sensitivity, empathy, perceptions of unity or separation, relationship with authority, inspiration, loyalty, sense of service, balancing male and female aspects of the self, humility, self-respect, love, tolerance, hope, and dream activity.


Dark Grape

Dark Grape

The extract from the peel and seeds contain polyphenol which have a protective effect on the endothelium and the wall linings of arteries and veins. The juice is rich in minerals, anthocyanins, polyphenol and resveratrol, and has refreshing, depurative, antioxidant and mineralizing effects. Grapes are a preventative food for atherosclerosis and carcinogenicity.




The eggplant is high in fiber, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus which promote good teeth and bones. Being a source of fiber, it is of value for constipation. A diet containing eggplant is advised in the case of anemia, atherosclerosis, oliguria and gout; it is a cleanser, diuretic and anti-inflammatory, very useful for hepatic balance. Eggplant stimulates the liver function and presents cholesterol reducing properties.


Poems are inspirations written by Carla's clients