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Symbolic Value

Green is the color of nature, the most predominant color on the earth. It balances one's energies, it is purity, harmony, calming, cooling, soothing, curiosity, birth, stability, growth and new beginnings. It is the color that tells one about his relationship to the environment; it is associated with healing. Green is the color of hope and of love.

Centro del mio universo
ricordi ininterrotti
contrade perse fra ulivi
e rovo ferito nell’orgoglio
Domani saremo liberi
King's Crown
50 x 50 cm, Acrylics

Emotional and Psychological
Areas Effected

Space, trust, feelings, integrity, seeking truth, peace, hope, faith, relationships, about perceptions of being loved and loving, abundance, empathy, sense of inclusion, giving and receiving, feelings of separation, acceptance, envy, jealousy and superstition. It is associated with the sense of touch.




The internal part of this fruit is white and its properties help reinforce the lungs and bone tissue. The pear has positive effects on cholesterol levels and its phytonutriants, especially lignin which assists to assimilate fats. The pear is rich in fiber and vitamins and has a large quantity of minerals, especially potassium. Pears are useful for people with intestinal, problems as their properties help intestinal flora. In addition, they make the skin more tonic and young.



Zucchini contain calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, beta carotene, vitamin C, and in less amounts vitamin B and A. The high level of phosphorus aides the brain function. The zucchini is rich in fiber, which help the flow of the intestine. It has a diuretic and refreshing property, and a bland sedative and laxative effect. The role of the zucchini is to aid the immune system and to prevent infections.


Poems are inspirations written by Carla's clients