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Artist’s Palette

"Harmony of color emerges, with grace and strength in the works of the artist Carla Cecere. Every stroke is the fruit of feelings and passion, ripe with an intense sweetness. Colors are selected with great care and are imbued with symbolic significance. Carla's art comes forth from her soul and expresses spiritual consciousness, a love of life, truth and trust.


Simbiosi Che Libera
Ø 65 x 80cm, Terracotta


She communicates positive thoughts and calming messages to the viewer, in times where fear and anxiety prevail. Carla marries art and science, past and future, sky and earth in a sublime fashion. Her art work derives from fragrances of the Orient, where Carla once lived and enriched her philosophy of life.

They are borne upon winds and tides that flood the Venetian "calli", where her ceramics first flowered.

Artist’s Palette  

Some of her works evoke the fresh shores of California where she was born and the vibrant sunsets of the Mediterranean sea where she now lives.

Italian and international influences continue to stimulate and inspire this artist to new heights. The results of her creativity are nurturing and revitalizing. Carla's ceramics invite caresses; it is not enough to just glaze at them!

Through savoring her works one's appreciation deepens. Paintings and ceramic objects compliment and complete each other. Canvases project life, and life is projected into the canvases. To live with a piece of Carla's art in the home, is to live with serenity, trust, and joy: the joy of the artist."